Hi, my name is Charlotte and I have been teaching French to people across the world since 2021.

I initially come from Tours in the Loire Valley in the center part of France, but I have been living abroad for several years. I currently live in Berlin, Germany, where I work as an independant French teacher. I am used to live and work in a very diverse and multicultural environment and have been teaching various type of learners, in groups and individual lessons. 

I have got a French language teacher degree, as well as a Bachelor in English language and a Master degree in European Literature. I started my activity as a French teacher in 2021 and have been teaching in language schools in Germany as well as online. My experience includes teaching companies employees learning business French, people who want to travel or to move to a French speaking country, people who are learning out of personal interest, people preparing exams, etc. I also lead debate group classes on cultural, societal and philosophical topics. 

If you don't know any French yet, it is not a problem at all, I have a lot of experience with A1 first-time learners !

Whatever your reason for learning French and your level is, we will discuss what is best for you and adapt the learning method to your needs.

Most of all, I am always happy to get to know my students and hear about their own countries, culture and experiences. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. You can find more details about the different classes below!

Languages spoken: French, English and Spanish. 

Class Options

Tailor-Made French lesson

Bring your French to the next level with these tailor-made lessons.
No matter if it is reading, writing, grammar, speaking or all of it together. We will work with a variety of material like teaching books, additional pdf files, newspaper articles or pictures and document the important vocabulary and grammar rules so you can always come back to see your progress and revise.   

Communication lesson

Is it your goal to have conversations in French and speak about the things that are important to you? 
Then this class is perfect for you! We will focus on learning new words, useful phrases, and speak about the topics that really interest you. We will note all the topics and the new words, so that you can revise the vocabulary and see which topics we already spoke about!

Test Preparation 

Are you passing a French exam any time soon? I can help you to prepare. We will break down everything you need to succeed, do practice tests together and I'll give you tips on what is especially important in the exam.


Send me your university papers, your thesis, motivation letter or your application letter and make sure there are no errors! A fast and uncomplicated way to calm your nerves. 



15 min


Tailor-Made Lesson 

60 min


Communication Lesson 

60 min 


Test-Preparation Lesson