Hi, my name is Finbarr. I'm a professional English teacher with several years of experience teaching here in France. I am a native English speaker, born in London but raised in Ireland. I have been teaching secondary school students for three years now. My passion is breaking down languages and showing motivated learners how to accelerate the learning process. 

I teach communication English and professional English and we can work on exam preparation, no matter what your level or objective is. My classes are very adaptable and guaranteed to give you the extra push you need.

One on one sessions are the best way to practice and perfect your English with a native speaker, I can't wait to get started with you! You can see the pricelist at the bottom of the page.

Languages spoken: English and French.  

Class Options

Tailor-Made English Lesson

Bring your English to the next level with these tailor-made lessons.
We can work on your reading, writing, grammar, pronunciation or all of those things together. I'll provide a variety of resources like book extracts, exercises, cheat sheets and newspaper articles. Whatever way works best for you, we'll find the perfect cocktail to guarantee fast progress.

Communication Lesson

Is it your goal to have conversations in English and speak about the things that are important to you?
Then this class is perfect for you! We will focus on learning new words, useful phrases, and speak about the topics that really interest you. We will note all the topics and the new words, so that you can revise the vocabulary and see which topics we already spoke about! 


Are you passing an English exam any time soon? I can help you to prepare. We will break down everything you need to succeed, do practice tests together and I'll give you tips on what is especially important in the exam.


Send me your university papers, your thesis, motivation letter or your application letter and make sure there are no errors! A fast and uncomplicated way to calm your nerves.



15 min


Tailor-Made Lesson 

60 min


Communication Lesson 

60 min 


Test-Preparation Lesson